The Stickers


This is our tribute to the traditional potsticker.  When most people think of potstickers, they envision a pork dumpling.  Ours is filled with a delicious ground pork, cabbage, and the perfect balance of ginger and garlic.  Served with a soy based dipping sauce, this sticker will transport you all the way to China.


“S.O.B.” – Spicy Orange Beef

Based on the popular Chinese dish, this sticker will give you a sweet kick.  This sticker balances the spicy taste of chili pepper and the sweetness of the orange.  Who needs rice when you can have all that goodness inside a fried noodle?


Buffalo Sticker

We know you love Chicken Wings.  Who doesn’t?! This sticker is stuffed with chicken, celery, and buffalo sauce, topped with a ranch dressing.  Wrapped and fried to perfection, you’ll never go back regular wings!


Taco Sticker

This is exactly what it sounds like!  We have taken everything you love about beef tacos, wrapped it in a delicate dumpling, and given it a crispy edge.  Dip it in our salsa or guacamole and treat yourself to a Mexican party in your mouth.



We have taken a timeless traditional Spanish tapa and turned it into a delectable sticker.  Filled with chorizo, date, bacon, and goat cheese, you get sweet, savory, and smoky, not to mention crispy, all in one bite.  Bet you can’t have just one!